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Hide & Seek Robots

So, I'm just getting into robotics, but I think this is a fun idea to play with.

My first robot will of course be one of the simple robots people post around the net, but for my second, I'll take the basic knowledge I've garnered and put it towards a pair of bots aptly named, "Hide and Seek".

One will be the hider, and one the seeker, again named in order, "Hide" and "Seek". They will probably end up using something like the Pololou IR Beacon.

Hide will  promptly scurry around the room looking for a dark corner to hide in. From what I gather, this can be accomplished by two methods. One will be a simple photo sensor seeking for a dark corner. The second might be a sonar rig (like YDM uses) looking for interesting places to hide. Once he finds a place he likes, he'll sit still and wait for Seek to find him while emitting IR light from the Pololou IR Beacon.

Seek will be much simpler. He will simply skitter around the room looking for dark places (similar to Hide) until he spots the IR light coming from Hide.

I think this could be a pretty fun project. It seems like I know the general idea of how to accomplish it, now it's just a matter of learning the skills of piecing everything together!

Of course, once I get started, I'll be posting a guide on all of it here on this site.


Any thoughts, comments, tips, or criticisms are 100% welcome!

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Just thought, that you could have switches on the "hider" robot and the seeker would have to touch it to make the hider run again :)

I would use IR, as it would be an effective way to do it.

Oh I love it!

That would be an excellent project to add in after the basics are created.

I'm hoping to create them pretty small, probably a little smaller than the YDM, and hopefully they will go at a decent speed too. We'll see once I get to the project.

Thanks for the additional idea, I really like it!

It's all about good ideas. I like it. Original.

I have a suggestion: make a batch of 4 or 5 robots all identical. Each with the ability to "hide" or "seek". Elect one to be "seeker" and all the others to be "hiders." The first hider found by the seeker becomes the new seeker, the old seeker becomes a hider and is given a few seconds to hide.


Plain cool :)