Let's Make Robots!

Um, this is wicked cool - micro laser scanning quad prop air platform

What happens when you put a laser scanner on a quad flying platform -> here

Just what I need for around the house.

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This is so awesome!! I would love to build an autonomous flier! I've heard it is only a slightly daunting task.... Who knows... Maybe when I have millions of cash to burn and nothing but time, I'll do it!
I want the laser scanner! and the mapping software! heck, I'll take the whole package....thats sweet!
I want one!
Thats so cool!, i want it!, infact a couple oof days ago i tried to create something similar with 2 old rc plane motors. straws and tape, yeah it didnt work. I would love to create something so stable and as cool as this!(thoughts of blimps come to mind...)

Yeah - its incredible. MIT rocks! i would love to see the source and blueprints