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SSS - Servo Suspension System

This is my first experiment with the MakerBot. I am totally thrilled with this machine!!!

SSS (servo suspension system) is designed to support standard servo motors and act as a basic suspension. It is still a work in progress and has not been tested yet.

Will update results as soon as possible (still waiting to have my lab back).

I would like to know everyone's opinion on this  :)

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Collected. If you want one, there's like a makerbot.com where you can buy the kit for just under 1k usd

Whilst a great idea for hobbist  I do  wonder on the fatigue properties on the plastic, how many bends before permanent loss of shape or failure at one of the bends.


Emuller - please don't take this the wrong way - but is that grandmother alive or dead - it does affect the value :)


Pete H

If the bracket became distorted you could bend it back into shape and heat it up to just under melting point. Being a thermoplastic, ABS can easily be stress relieved at relatively low temperatures.

In any case, ABS is a very nice material to work with, it's almost like a one-tub composite.

I'm impressed with the ABS properties, because if it is very stress resistant and flexible at the same time.
I will upload new photos soon with a demonstration of the suspension fully pushed and fully released.


Looks like this part would be great for all sorts of things. It looks like you would get a bit of suspension - how much does the plastic flex? I like how in your bottom image you get a lot more clearance. This has problem I've seen a couple times on small robots - this part looks like it would help!

I am so jealous  - I WANT a MakerBot too!

Quick question: how long does it take to print this part?

Anyway, looks like a nice design. Scalable too - looks like it would be easy to scale for microservos as well as larger ones.

The plastic it quite flexible, and has good return to original shape capabilities. I also like the way it makes the chassis higher, and yes, adapt this design to mini servos would be quite easy   :)

The makerbot was bought by the altlab community here in Lisbon, and we are having a 15 days workshop with it's inventor Zach Hoeken.

This piece was printed in 38 minutes, tomorrow I will print 3 more like these and will try to build a new chassis next week.

can you get us a deal on a bulk purchase? I would sell my grandma for one of those things...
Maybe today I will have the other pair printed (the inverted parts) so I can build a 4x4 vehicle and then I want to test this to see if it works has expected.  :)    if everything works as expected we can arrange a way to sell this and more parts to LMR member on a very low price  ;)

"I would sell my grandma for one of those things"

Man I allready did ;)