Let's Make Robots!

Ever feel like your being watched?

I was checking some samples to go to Germany and had a strange feeling that I was being watched.


Maybe this job is getting to me. (all the eyes....)

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how many are there?

they look scarry cause of their huge eyes.

The first act of any sentient artificial system is to destroy its creator. I suggest sleeping with an EMP under your pillow...
I think the EMP pulse generator might be overkill. Since all the robots sensors are IR all I need is an IR spotlight to blind them. They are more like vampires as they hate bright sunlight :D

If Douglas (yes, he has a name!) is anything to go by that will completely stymie them. Our overhead lights seem to put out a lot of IR too actually, so if you flick on the lights they'll probably be disoriented enough for you to make your escape.

I want to know what the Proud father thinks of his offspring - (-: they look a handfull to feed :-)
I think this robot has a lot of potential as either a swarm bot or a "B" grade horror movie actor :p  Either way I need to spend more time programming it. Unfortunately I lost some of the lastest improvements when my Laptop was stolen and never seem to have the time.
When you walk by do they all say "the life bringer has returned!!!!"?

In the voice of the little green squeaky toys from Toy Story?


...or just damn cute :D

I hear a small choir of creepy horror movie kid voices...


"come and play with us, daddy"

"why are you afraid of us daddy?"

"I am scared daddy"

"Help me, daddy!"

cue nightmares galore