Let's Make Robots!

Ever feel like your being watched?

I was checking some samples to go to Germany and had a strange feeling that I was being watched.


Maybe this job is getting to me. (all the eyes....)

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now you can't say you feel alone anymore  :D
What would be even creepier would be to turn them all on and have their eyes follow you all at the same time... O_O
When I get time I will have to do a video of that, maybe with a voice over of Daleks saying "Exterminate!"
Recreate the scene from Hitchcock's "The Birds" where the crows start flocking in at the park. Just have the bots slowly filter in and use the soundtrack from that scene so you hear more and more noise at the "birds" assemble. Call it "The Bots".
Michael Jackson felt the same way!
That's just creepy ;)

Freebies to LMR members? all those in favour?

The Ayes have it.... !



Eye!!!! :D