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What microcontroller should i use?

Am planning on building a robot that  would have the abilitty to navigate , avoid obstacles and collect some items.

What chip should i use?

Whats the difference between pic and picAxE?


thanks in advance :) 

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Picaxe has a bootloader that allows you to use basic. A lot of PICs require assembly. If you're new go with PICAXE.
hmm thanks any suggestions on the software i should use ?
PICAXE is the way to go for beginners. IIRC, it comes with a free code editor.
I'd recommend an Arduino. It's pretty much as easy to program but WAY more powerful and flexible. It's also cheaper and has a very nice community with lots of helpful people. It also comes with a free compiler.

Depends on your programming experience. PICs, the Picaxe, Arduino and others are all capable of the tasks you describe. So it comes down to what you know (and what you want to learn).

Most PICs require assembly, as jklug80 points out. I hear great things about Arduino if you know C or other higher level programming languages. If you are a beginning/middling programmer (like me), Picaxe is a great place to get started, since it has a Basic-like language.

All: We get this question so much. We should collect some good replies and include it in a FAQ.

I wouldn't even rule out a basic stamp. I had a lot of fun when I was programming those. 

- P 

PIC's can be programmed in C. PIC's and Arduino (Atmel) are equally as powerful.
The Propeller is also cheap [$7USD] for an 8-core processor and can be programmed in either a Basic like language called Spin, Assembly and a combination of both. There is also a good selection of Spin Objects ready for use in your own design on the Object Exchange site. Tech support is also very good.

Hello everybody !

 I'm making a biped and i need to control 8 servos and  3 dc motors. Can anyone plz tell me which PIC microcontrolller i should use ?

8 servoes = 8 digital outputs, 3 DC motors = 6 digital outputs (typical, you could use more or less depending on functionality).
Are you using any sensor of communications lines?

If that's all there is to your biped, then you can use just about any PIC with the required number of outputs - go to Microchip.com and run a search based on the specs you need. You have to think about what type of internal oscillator you want, whether you need ADC/DAC, communications modules, etc.