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PIC ports

I'm having problems with 18f252 ports. I seem to be unable to control it as an input or an out but. Thus I am also unable to use the BTFSC or BTFSS controls. Is there a difference between the 16f and 18f series with regards to inputs and outputs?


Sorry for the lack of info. I was in abit of a rush, I'm rushing now too :p

so the code i used is fairly simple :

The main part to control the 18f252 is ---->   MOVLW B'00000000'


This is basically what i've got.  

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The code:
MOVLW B'00000000'
will make all port C pins output pins, but only if 'TRISC' is properly defined, which I can't tell from your code. It won't set the state of the pins, but it will set them to output mode.
I used the simple include command to define the portc and whatnots.  What do you mean by state?

What was your source for the include file? By state I mean 1/0, High/Low, etc.

I used the include<18252.inc> not very sure of the command as im using a different computer. So if i put all 1's it would be an input? How do i 'test' the data from the input?
Yes, a 1 in the TRIS sets the corresponding pin as an input. This info is in the datasheet.
You can test the input data in many, many ways. You can use the in-circuit debugger, make the PIC light up some LEDs, send data to an LCD display, etc.
Please post code and schematics. Also, please describe what you have done to try and solve this problem, so we don't waste time suggesting things that you have already tried
Can you post your code?
I going more on the lines of how to control the ports.
The architecture is how the ports are built, if they're the same then the control methods are the same. Virtually all PIC micros speak the same language, word for word.
No major differences, the architecture is very very similar.