Let's Make Robots!


hello all, i am a bit confuse, although i am beginer i want some help.

i am going to start with a simple obstacle avoidance robot, the thing is :

  • i am going to put servo to hold ir sensor but now the quetion is do i have to put it through a resistor,or i have to simply hook up the servo to the output pin 1.


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thanks all. now i am all ready to make my own robot.

 But first i have to wait for the parts to come from USA.:(

with much of research i just have one confusion that i am going to keep darlington driver in its place and picaxe 28x1 chip in its place. but now my confusion is do i have to put L293D to run gear motors or not.

The L293D is a motor controller chip. With it you can drive a motor forward and reverse. It has all the circuitry to control two motors.

Inserting the L293D in the Picaxe project board will mean that digital outputs 4 through 7 will be used with the L293D. There are four pins (two for Motor A and two for Motor B) on the Picaxe board.

Fritsl's walk through on the "Start here" robot answers a lot of your questions.