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Giger: Custom Humanoid Robot

Walking, Balancing, Competing in Mech Warfare

First post here but figured I would share my most recent work; an EX-106+ servo based custom humanoid robot named Giger. This bot was designed in Autodesk Inventor, and machined from 5052 alloy aircraft aluminum using a Sherline 2000 CNC and some work from Rapid Sheet Metal. He stands 62cm tall, weighs about 5kg and uses a total of 10x EX-106+, 6x RX-64s, and 8x RX-28s. Video shown is rough initial progress, walking gait still needs a lot of work and the IMU data needs to be integrated for dynamic balancing.








Update: New Brackets + Servo upgrades!



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Excelent new video!!

*shudders* I guess the world domination is getting closer...

impressive work, was it a solo, or a team project?

Thanks! This is a solo project, though the Gumstix controller was developed by my friends at Farrell Robotics, so credit goes to them for the amazingly well designed onboard controller.

Mech Warfare at Robogames 2010 was a success! 

Botjunkie did an awesome write up on it, found here: http://www.botjunkie.com/2010/04/27/robogames-2010-mech-warfare/

Video here: 


And... Here's some progress I'm making on Giger-Fu, my Kung Fu variant for the Korean Robot Games Festival!


New upgrades! Giger currently uses 10x EX-106+, 6x RX-64s, and 8x RX-28s for a total of 24 DOF.



Also have some new video, this is about 2 hours of work after final configuration as a result of the new upgrades. All 10 main leg servos have been upgraded to EX-106+ Dynamixels, so my previous walking gait progress was entirely erased. All new custom brackets used in the legs and feet, as well as new elbow/shoulder brackets and arm extensions. Brackets were designed in Autodesk Inventor 2008 and machined by Rapid Sheet Metal: http://www.rapidsheetmetal.com (they're too big/too much of a hassle to bend in-house)

Keep in mind; I have this gait tuned to a very slow rate so that I can work on the balance and COG shifting correctly, then it can be sped up to a more realistic, useful speed.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYDPrD4Njko

Can you help me in structure of the upper part. i need something simple not complex of servo's or anything...

i need movement of the arm only can anyone please..

my email id is anil.likwid@gmail.com 

From the rules of LMR:

Never write subject lines that start with the word "Help".


Apart from that; how should anyone help you with that little info?


And while I'm at it; Why write to your mail? Quite anti-social IMHO. Write on the post, and let averyone else benefit!


the batterys are they in the feet ?

WOW!!! Very good job,but how many servos were used for Giger

From the description: "...uses a total of 16x RX-64s and 8x RX-28s.". So, 24.