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Giger: Custom Humanoid Robot

Walking, Balancing, Competing in Mech Warfare

First post here but figured I would share my most recent work; an EX-106+ servo based custom humanoid robot named Giger. This bot was designed in Autodesk Inventor, and machined from 5052 alloy aircraft aluminum using a Sherline 2000 CNC and some work from Rapid Sheet Metal. He stands 62cm tall, weighs about 5kg and uses a total of 10x EX-106+, 6x RX-64s, and 8x RX-28s. Video shown is rough initial progress, walking gait still needs a lot of work and the IMU data needs to be integrated for dynamic balancing.








Update: New Brackets + Servo upgrades!



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It looks very, very impressive


Thanks for posting your very impressive bot here. It is inspiring. There's a lot to be learned from this bot, even if you don't plan on spending $300 for a servo that can supply so much torque.

For example, the picture at the bottom of your post shows a simple and elegant approach to creating a gripper. Great design! 

Actually it does, yes!


I'm thinking about a two piece aluminium frame that could be attached to a standard servo. The servos on this bot have actuators on both sides, but we can work around that for a standard servo.

If you imagine the servo laying on its side with the round servo horn attached and positioned on the left.

Part One of the frame goes underneath the servo with a little overlap on the left for attaching it, and completely covering the right side of the servo. This forms the fixed part of the gripper. The right side of Part One also includes a round shaft that will be used to mount and pivot Part Two. This pivot shaft is directly inline with the shaft of the servo's actuator.

Part Two is the movable part of the gripper. It is attached to the servo horn on the left, goes up above the top of the servo (recall the servo is on its side), and down the right side, with a hole that slips over the pivot from Part One.

Suitable "fingers" are attached to Part One and Part Two, or they are integral to the part, depending on how you fabricate this. A picture would be helpful, I know. I don't have time to make one this morning. Maybe later.

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 The grippers are dead simple, I'm actually working on some more complex ones though...






(Modeled in Inventor Pro 2008) 

Wow ! Very professional !

Most EXCELLENT robot - as your robots usually are! I've seen your bots over on the Trossen Robotics forums (I just lurk there sometimes). Yours are some of the most awesome real-world robots I have ever seen. Anyway, I most certainly want to welcome you to the membership here!


WOW!!! Very good job,but how many servos were used for Giger

the batterys are they in the feet ?