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Frits's private parts up for grabs

-- == Here is a link to an always updated Picasa foto album with the things I have, and will send to you, for the things I want, on the list below ==--

Some of the items I have in 100's, and some just the one - aske me below (coment) for details, thanks :)

If you want to swap with me, do it like this:

PM me with subject line "Offer", and a ultra short mail with the following:

  • What you want
  • What you will offer in return (from my whishlist, or something else)
  • Your address

Please disable RichText when PM to me.

If I accept your offer, I will PM you my address, and we both mail to each other right away.


My whish-list / what i'd like in return:

Where it says "FS", this means "Free Sample", so if you do not have the part, you can get one for free and send it to me: Quite often companies offer free samples of small parts. Many / most times, companies have FS completely organized, and you will find "free sample"-buttons, or "policy on free samples" etc. If possible & applicable, always strive to get an evaluation board included (Example: http://www.st.com/stonline/products/families/evaluation_boards/evaluation_boards.htm)


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Shit, I didn't realize this was this old. I just saw it on the front page from godofal's post and posted in it.

It seems like I also didn't realize my joke was already made. 

I guess some days I'm really off.

Thread rez

frits's private parts up for grabs... TWSS? TWHS? I have no idea.

u do know that its more expensive to get that kinda free sample than to just buy that stuff?

ive calculated it, and wiht the smallest amount (250G) its about 0.058 per gram, and with that free sample, its more that 0.14 per gram...

seems kinda pointless XD

you know jaycar stocks both of these items for a total pittance - I'm sure it's great to swap stuff, but you could save time, and money too by going into jaycar, or just looking at their site online.


microswitch..    do you mean:






 only the top one is a microswitch!

the others is called miniature tactile switches

..and i could swap you a pair of microswitches or miniature tactile switches too! :)

Can I ask you to list in a clear manner (preferred with links to images) what it is that you'd like?


Thanks to everyone else who replied, and I agree :)

However, I was just asking for linkt to my own images, and a precise language of what is wanted / offered.


sorry for intruding here but thats kinda a TWSS, you know the title :D

is the wheel in that picture on the list? is it servo compatible? what do you want for the red board with the screen?

pm me