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Self Diagnostics?

Does anybody know if it can do self-diagnostics or know of a way to do it on the arduinos?

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I uploaded the sketch 'fading' to my arduino and tested each of the PWM pins and all checked out, so the board is bad. Brand new L293D chip, tested Arduino board that passed, and that leaves the drive board. It must have a bad junction or a short that I can't see still. I took the soldering iron and touched all the connections because I found a bad input connection.  Ah for the love of bots.
Well, trying to see if the PWM is still working or not. I checked the digital outputs with an LED and they work fine. I could do the same with the PWMs I guess.  If they are ok, then I've smoked the drive board good. I'm about to just scavenge what I can off of it and go ahead with a new design.  Just would like a working bot, yanno.
I believe you should be able to check if the pwm is working 2 ways(more I'm sure). 1 check the voltage coming out of the pin. It will be most likely lower than the main input voltage, depending on how the pwm is set up of course. The other way is if you have a multimeter that can read hz. You can then check the frequency which will tell you that you have a pwm output as well. change values with your pwm and verify that the hz changes as well. Same with the voltage.okay
What do you want it to check for?