Let's Make Robots!

Frits's private parts up for grabs

-- == Here is a link to an always updated Picasa foto album with the things I have, and will send to you, for the things I want, on the list below ==--

Some of the items I have in 100's, and some just the one - aske me below (coment) for details, thanks :)

If you want to swap with me, do it like this:

PM me with subject line "Offer", and a ultra short mail with the following:

  • What you want
  • What you will offer in return (from my whishlist, or something else)
  • Your address

Please disable RichText when PM to me.

If I accept your offer, I will PM you my address, and we both mail to each other right away.


My whish-list / what i'd like in return:

Where it says "FS", this means "Free Sample", so if you do not have the part, you can get one for free and send it to me: Quite often companies offer free samples of small parts. Many / most times, companies have FS completely organized, and you will find "free sample"-buttons, or "policy on free samples" etc. If possible & applicable, always strive to get an evaluation board included (Example: http://www.st.com/stonline/products/families/evaluation_boards/evaluation_boards.htm)


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PM is bad for general communication ;)

There are many wheels, can you be more specific, link?

The red board with the screeen is a serial LCD, old style not very compact, but open in the interface and easy to use. I'll be happy to send it to you, PM me your address :)

I think i'm going to pop the 4 dollars to have the shapelock shipped to me. if i like it i'll tell you all about it. maybe do a write up on it. 

check out this RC bot made  completely out of shape lock. you can also get it in larger quantitys at a cheaper per oz rate



as friendly plastics .. http://www.sculpt.com/catalog_98/craft/craft.htm#friend 

 ok think i fixed it       - try mail me now  =)

PM me , and tell me where in kobenhagen you live and i can send the leds :)
I cannot do that, because in your profile you have set it up so that people are not able to mail you :)
I will do so ..       but what is  PM ???
PM means personal message in other words Email etc =]

hej igen , jeg kan give dig 20 blå super kaftige LED dioder


ps. du kender mig som ( peterjacob )  både her   men også i     www.instructables.com


(Please write in english in here, it is annoying for everyone else to see strange stuff they cannot understand :)


And please PM me for address, i'll send you a whole bunch of potmeters for your diodes. If you live in Copenhagen we can just meet and swap :)