Let's Make Robots!

The G_Bot

Runs around sees things and avoids them and perhaps makes some robot noises via a speaker

Hi everyone.

I am Giovanni Izar.

I am brand new to robotics and this will be my first attempt at making one. I will call it “The G_Bot.

I have skimmed through the rules and intend to follow them but forgive me if I stray and correct me when I screw up.

I have all my parts but I am not sure if they are all correct so if anyone can spot something wrong or out of place please let me know.

When I got my Picaxe 28x1 it came with a 3 battery holder. (I got myself a 4 battery holder from RadioShack (The Scource in Canada).  This immediately got me thinking voltages and I have concern about whether the motors I have will hold the voltage I will be feeding them.  I guess they will just go faster but  I will be watching for smoke none the less.

The servo I got is a continuous rotation servo. Will this be ok?

I like the look of the Tamiya gearbox i found and decided to use it instead of the G9 motors in the Start here tutorial. I may get the G9’s later.

The sensor I got is listed as a GP2D12 and not GP2D120 as noted in the tutorial. I hope it is the same thing

I forgot to order the servo chip so I am going with the resistor instead.

I got all my parts 2 days ago but could not get myself to start until I had read enough here, photographed and documented everything.
I am a CNC Programmer Machinist and will probably make my own wheels.

I am now ready to make a robot and hope to get some input from some of you.
Knowing me this Robot will look nothing like I expect it to look right now and will probably take much much longer to build than most of you because I am never happy with what I produce the first time round. For instance I will probably turn out 6 pairs of wheels before I am happy with it.

My Photos are at www.izars.com/robo

I own the domain and am prepared to dedicate it to LMR if that is a good Idea

Whish me luck.

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New pic just to prove that the g_bot Project is not dead :D

By a long shot.

Nice work, the new-and-improved G_Bot is looking very clean. Seems like you have ample room on top for extra modules, got any future upgrades in mind?
Well I made the deck for upgrades and I have some idas but not sure yet.

Love the new body design and from your latest video it looks like you have the code pretty well figured out. Nice work!

Now that you have the basics down, what's next? ; j

Like I said,

Clean navigation with the IR sensor.

Any input ?? .... huh.... please.


Hi guys finally got my first program done. Fritsl

I would never have been able to do it without referring to Fritsl's Start here program, So thanks a heap **Fritsl**
I have posted it as an image to keep the layout in tact as I am too lazy to reformat it for html.
I must say after doing this I do believe I have a good understanding of how the entire program works and why it does.
I think that if I had used a GP2D120 instead of a GP2D12 things would be a little better as sometimes when he is in a tight corner he turns the wrong way.

Let me know if anyone want a copy of the .bas file.

View the code at http://www.izars.com/robo/chalkboard.html

It looks perfect to me but i await some professional opinions.

Note the addition of line 14, I had to ad this line in to keep the head still, without this line the head tends to do a little jig while the robot moves forward.

I also had to connect the servo to pin 2 because it is only on pin 0 that the servo was drifting while there was no program loaded and the robot powered on. I am still baffled by that. I tried connecting to pin 1 but there it would just not work, baffled by that too.

I am still not marking the robot as finished as I will only do this once I master the clean navigation with my GP2D12 IR sensor, and that's a long way away unless I get some extensive help from one of you guys.

The latest video is also up now

As you can see below I neatened up the controller too. 
Larger images can be viewed at www.izars.com/robo at the bottom of the page.

Neatened up the board

I'm not sure about your navigation issues in corners or the GP2D120 vs the GP2D12.

It is odd that you had issues with driving the servo on pins 1 and 2. Pins 4-7 are being used for the motors, but you should be able to use any of pins 0-3 for the servo.

Can you try loading some test code that just moves the servo around without any other commands, and test that it works on ping 0 through 3? This should isolate if you are having an issue with any of the outputs on the Picaxe itself. Or even more basic, just connect an LED through a resistor and test high/low output on pins 0-3, then do the servo test.

I certainly have run an led off pin 1 in  the past but I will do some tests again tonight.


A new and funky looking G_Bot. Now capable of sweeping the lower regions of space. Not bad :)

And how is the coding (and your understanding here of) coming along? One thing is copying Fritzl's code but at some point you're gonna have to get your hands dirty and making your own code from scratch....

Hi Aniss

I am trying to write my own code right now but struggling with it as I dont know nearly enough.

I am RTFM'ing a lot but its the hands on stuff that works best.

Time is my only drawback right now:)

(hence the lack of posting here.)