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Soldering - how to solder

This walkthrough explains the basics of soldering, really important thing to learn if we want our robots to be tough!

here's the best one i've found so far,it really helps a lot.


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yeah i just meant cleaning it between joints
Who solders in their pants?
Great tutorial!  Thanks for posting it!
This will really help me out alot.

Sorry to bump an old thread to the top, but check out this post. This is a good example on why something that looks as easily as soldering shouldnt be taken so lightly.

I have a cold heat soldering iron. I broke two tips in 5 minutes ($10 USD each). The iron wasnt getting hot enough to melt the solder. I changed the batteries and it worked like a charm.

If your soldering iron isn't melting the solder, change batteries (if it runs on batteries). If it is a plug in, let it heat up longer. Never leave the soldering iron on a part for more than a second or two. If you overheat the sensor, LED, DIP, etc it WILL damage it. It then will eat up a lot of time when your circuit doesn't work and you have to troubleshoot and desolder the part. Always take your time! Thanks Calc for a life lesson that will save me a lot of time!

Very Helpful, Thank you for the post!