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Interesting YDM sound clip found in the wild

Okay, so I'm looking at various videos for the wowwee Joebot today, and came across this one.

 Give it a good listen from about 0:09 to 0:15. Sound familiar?

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I want both :)

Uh... I am speachless. I liked the first video but the second is pure awesomeness! When I thought the robot is going to stop and avoid the obstace by choosing a new path, it starts hitting on it?!? That was hilaryous. I must post this video to my Twitter ASAP, that is if I can stop from laughing. Thanks for sharing guys!

Thanks for all the interest :)

I think it's fun, of course it's not like official Wowee policy, someone somewhere thought "robot-sound", oh there is this one, and oops.

Fun fun, and whatever, I don't see why I should make more of it.

Peace & thanks again :)

I think it's meant as a deliberate homage to YDM.
Hey frits, I would just think of it as a really big complement towards YDM.

I really think it's pathetic that anyone would even think to sue over something like this, particularly from a supposedly robot friendly website to a robot company that has built some interesting designs, but maybe that's just me. 



When I said to sue them blind, it was a bit in jest in that it would never really come to anything and would be more trouble than it is worth. That being said, I do have to say there is a HUGE difference in say, a creative commons situation (I am a podcaster and a major fan of creative commons) and this situation. The difference is, and what pisses me off so much is the fact that they stole/borrowed/etc. the audio and the idea of record and playback with out asking but more importantly, are now trying to make money off of it. 

Anyone, anywhere may use any and all of my ideas, but this is limited to people... If a big company scours LMR for ideas to steal and sell -I got no time for that. This is like a comunity garden where everyone weeds and breaks thier back growing crops only to have Stop-and-Shop come in and take the veggies, add a upc and stock thier shelves.

I wouldn't really sue over it but they should have at least asked since they are profiting off of someone else's work. Just like I wouldn't mind if DAGU made a kit out of something I made but I would appreciate it if they asked first.

Look Frits,

The Danish sure do have a lot of good stuff going for you over there but in this case you need to go American... Sue the ever living shit out of them. That drum beat is your intelectual property, period. Money, money, money, mo-ney ----------mo-ney! (sing that last part)