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TSA Robot

Hey guys, well I saw that Fritsl was getting on me for having this project in the robot parts but since its still an idea he got pissed so I crawled over to blogging!

Ok, so the workers on the project are Jonny, Colton, and Me.  We are entering this robot into a school competition and the objective is 1) Build a robot that can complete the course.  The course is drive up a ramp, grab a 1 pound trophy and drive down the other side.

Shopping List:

x1 RP5 Tracked Chassis Yellow

x1 PICAXE-18X Starter Packx1

L293D Motor Driver IC

x1 Grip from DAGU (don’t know name)

x1 EASY Radio

x1 8 330 OHM Resistor

x1 RP5 Expansion Plate RRC07A

Currently, my friends and I are trying to earn money by doing a snowshoveling business but since it hasn't started snowing in my part of America this project is at a standstill... so when it snows here I'll start updating :)



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Will the rp5 chasis be big enough? it seems sorta small to be picking up a trophy.....even the small ones as they usually have a heavy base.
It just so happens I have that chassis here! :) If you added a little counter weigh tto the back it could help it a lot. Also if you mounted the claw to the base at the back but had it extend to the front the weight would balance better as well. The base is long enough to make it hard to tip front to back. Left to right is another story as it is pretty narrow.
the trophy is only 1 pound... i'll add that to my description