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my first circuit

Hello everyone. any help would be great. I am trying to build this sound sensor circuit for my first robot useing a picaxe 28x2 - here- http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/picaxe_sound.pdf but I am having trouble finding a couple of the components:

Capacitor value 1n0
Capacitor value 470n

I am presuming the 1n0 means 1nf? The capacitors I’ve found on the internet have big voltage ratings which doesn’t look right. Anyone in the know?
i want to bolt this on to other sensor circuits for my robot.

Or does anyone have a better sound sensitive circuits I can follow?


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BIG voltage rating is ok. You want a voltage rating that is higher than the voltage you want to use. You can use a 200volt capacitor with 5 volts. You DONT want to use a 5volt capacity with 5volts it could go POOF!

cool, thanks

looks like i can purchase my last few bits then

A goog rule for caps is to double the voltage at least, so if you have a 12 V system use a minimum of 24V caps, this will ensure no unwanted confetti

I bought a big pack of 3kV ceramic capacitors not long ago, very handy since they'll handle the voltage from almost all of my projects, and therefore I only have to think about making sure the capacitance is correct.

thanks all for your help. i have all the components now and will soon be ready for my work or burn switch on.