Let's Make Robots!

first and simple

Its a pretty fun robot to see what it can climb and what not but I will improve it real soon.

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sorry its taking so long
Im alomost done

I've got most of the bugs worked out on the new and improved "Big 8 Tank"(little 8 big brother)


I got all the parts for my robots even the name.

  • Picaxe 8 (whith a motordriver built in)
  • motor's
  • battries
  • bumper switches
  • switch
I think I will choose option #2 so use a few (AAA) battries and for the picaxe 9v battry and 5v regulator.
9 volt batteries are a waste given how long they will last versus the cost. You are really better off with AA or AAA. AA is the best bang for your buck.
i prefer to use a rifle to bang my buck... i guess you can give it a lil shock with the AA :)



I meen AAA battries


Same. AA, AAA, C, D, all are the same voltage. They just have different capacities (the bigger the battery, the longer it lasts, pretty much).