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The Keychains are made and now that Claudia has a new computer she is sending out the LMR merchandise and Mr. General Challenge kits!

Recently I asked in the forum if LMR wanted merchandise. The overwelming response was a big "Yes". I am pleased to announce that we now have coffee mugs in two sizes, sheets of stickers and will soon have keychains. The keychains take a little longer as a die has to be manufactured first.


The small coffee mug 11oz (95mm high Rik :-) is $3.50 USD + shipping
The large coffee mug 14oz (115mm high) will be $7.00 USD + shipping

The stickers come as a pack of 5 sheets for $0.6 USD.
Each sheet has:
10x "Let's Make Robots" sticker that are 100mm x 26 mm.
12x "LogoBot" that are 50mm x 50mm


The keyrings will be $2 each.



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The key chains have much better quality now.

It looks fun, Oddbot.

So I'll make an order to Claudia - and some others while I'm at it.

Are the items on the LMR pricelist current? has it changed in the last month or so?

Is there a good place to find information about other products? - I have found a few "dagu" sites, but I'm not certain they are the same as your company/division/whatever you call it.

It would be good if I could obtain as many things as I can at the same time, so I'm keen to have a good idea of what, exactly, is available.


Download the latest pricelist from here.
i'll try to get some stickers to pretty-up my walking vehicle.  LMR bumpersticker!

Heeyyy, those stickers are hella cheap! 60 cents for 5 sheets.. wow.. lol you're lucky if 60 cents will get you ONE sticker here in the states. You guys still have the Mr Basic kits for sale right?:) Might have to buy one of them bad boys and some uber stickers and a mug or two! :D

dagu or the running of lets make robots?

So far this project is costing DAGU money for the setup cost. For example we would have to sell 300 keyrings at $2 each to break even on the cost of having a die made. We also have to order a minimum quantity of each product.

If we actually start making a profit then we would be happy to pay a percentage to The Cow God to support the maintenance cost of LMR.

I believe Dagu is selling these at cost, nobody is making any profit on them. They pretty much exist to be cool ;)

oh ok either way they both do alot for the robotics community
Great timing, I've almost used up all the prototyping PCBs I got from Dagu last time =D
Nice to see that there are larger mugs available too!