Let's Make Robots!

First Robot "Start Here" Robot :)


 So here comes question 1 of many i'm guessing!!

 Maybe a silly question but for the first robot I was going to order 2 of these


 but can they both have Right Angled Shafts? , is it as simple as just turning it over to make it Left Angled ??

 Remember i'm about as much as a beginner as can be!! So all information is welcomed



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Yeah, there's no reason you couldn't. However since this is your first bot, maybe you'd want to try the SRF05 or the PING))). They are both the same kind of sensor, but there has been a lot of documentation on both on a picaxe 28x, which is the board you'd use for the first bot (if you follow the tutorial)



I was wondering if I could use this as a sensor for my starter robot?? his is the 1st time doing thi, if I am wrong...opps




'right angled' doesn't mean that the angle is pointing right...it means that the axle is at a right-angle (ie. 90 degrees) to the servo's body.

Thanks for the quick reply!!

I'll keep you informed how I get on :)



Yup flip it over and its a left angle ;)