Let's Make Robots!

GB6777LMR "Ghost"

Locks on to you and your chestnuts, and then puffs you off track, and causes energy loss.

I was asked to show some robot-stuff in a mall in a good week from now.

My problem is as always lack of time.. so I went for simple and flashy.

I am doing some track whti black areas, and making little quick to make robots, one which you can remote control. Magnets on the track will act like power-ups for the player, and if the player is driving over black areas, he will lose energy.

Aim is to control a small robot to take some chestnuts from one place to the goal, while avoiding such dangers as this ghost-robot, named 6777.

I made him like this:


And then I added papier-mâché

Thanks for the inspiration, isotope

I will add more of the whole game later :) EDIT: Here is more :)

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Thats Great Frits! By coincidence I also have 1 week to prepare for a robot exhibition, I might try something similar if I have time.

Just experimented with pushing rear earth magnets down into the styrofoam, and marked them with an X of band-aid.

Remote controlled bot has magnetic sensor below, drive over "magic X of power", and fill up energy! Sound and light! Works cool!

Reason to use band-aid and not black / dark tape to mark power-ups: Robot will also get an AmandaLDR below, detecting if robot is driving over forbidden black areas, or lifted up by 6777. Band-aid is light, dark or nothing light below robot causes los of energy :)

Goal is to bring chestnuts to "big c-scanner" without losing so much energy that you die!

Is that a "Pith helmet" very British and stiff upper lip old boy.

Looks like it will be fun weekend :- the House Robot all_ways wins in the end - looking forward to Event Video.

Some Dry-Ice and Laser knock-out beams would add to the confusion too.

I think I found this robot's cousin in a cartoon!



Wow! This ghost robot definitely has a character :)

Does it make any ghost noises? :) Cant wait for video of it in action :)

Awesome! :D

Omg, and now I see this:


Cool looking project so far! It's nice to see more robots from you! I hope this project goes well and you can complete it on time! Can't wait to see the rest of it!