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my first bot

wen it is done i would like it to avoide obsticals and chase the cat to

so this is my first robot it has (4 servos)  3 for three legs  and 1 servo that will rotate the ir range finder a arduino for the brain. it is no ware near done yet the chassy is almost there now it is time to learn the electronic side of it :)

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Three legs!!!. wonderful!,

How does it walk? we should talk, I am trying to make a 3legged walking machine - one that does not stagger and walks elegantly. 

Can you construct a brief description of it's motion?

That looks nicely done - you should check out swashbot 2 from CrabFu http://www.crabfu.com/swashbot/swashbot2.html
I'm also very curious as to how this thing will walk :)

yah the only referents i have used is the swash bot 2 pictures and videos  i have not got it walking yet i am still learning this is my first bot and my first real encounter with electronics i have being doing small stuff like mod chips for video game consoles but that is a world away from what i am doing here my email is lukeewindus@gmail.com if you want to talk i use msn/live messenger at the moment i am sort of stuck the problem is when i run all 3 servos/legs the arduino board resets i think it is trying to suck to much current i am looking into making or getting a h-bridge servo controller but as i sead i am still trying to take all this in.

regards endura 

1st off...are you powering all the servos from the Arduino? That would explain the resets because it simply can't supply that amount of current. You have to power the servos using an external power source. Also make sure that the grounds (external + Arduino) are connected.

And you don't need an H-bridge to control servos. A servo allready has an H-bridge built in (unlike DC motors).


thanks for the info i no the servos need 5 volts what power sauce should i use to supply enough electricity/current to 4 servos?

Regards Endura

I believe you'd typically use 4 1.2V NiMH batteries (1.2V * 4 = 4.8V). You may wanna find out what the (peak) current draw of your particular servos is, and make sure the batteries can supply that much current.

On this page you can see the current draw of various popular servos. Yours may be there...

But there are lots of ways to power your servos..wall adapter, 9V battery with a voltage regulator..What did you have in mind?

i was thinking of  useing 9V battery with a voltage regulator as i have a few 9v battery clips laying around and it will be lighter to carry on the bot anyway you have given me a lot to think about now i appreciate it i hope i will have this finished very soon will keep on updating here  as i go  have a good one :)

Really cool looking bot. Good luck with it.

Just a nitpick, your pics are all blurry!