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Codename Peek-E

Autonomously explores its world.
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Codename Peek-E is my first robot, well that I built anyway. I own a lot of robots but this is the first time I tried to build one. Peek-E is based off of the "Start Here" robot. I orignally wanted to build a YDM, but after reading all about it, I decided that it is too advanced for me (for now).

That is where this robot comes in. My ultimate goal for this robot is simply to teach me, so that I can build better robots.

It has taught me a lot so far. The biggest thing it has taught me is that things rarely go according to plan.

Although Peek-E started out not knowing what to make of his world, he and I are starting to understand more or it! (The code I am currently using is just a simple rewrite of the "Start Here" code.)

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me thus far.

































 Just a picture of the Picaxe all connected :)



Peek-E chilling on the desk!



Here you can see the access point to the Picaxe. The Battery box on the rear swivels to allow for access.




I'm an idiot! No seriuosly, I am.

My robot would always turn toward the object in his way, thus not chosing the best path. I couldn't figure out why. That is until I realized that my lturn and rturn are reversed, duh!

In my code:

' Decide which is the better way:
if b1<b2 then
gosub body_lturn
gosub body_rturn
end if

I just changed it to:

' Decide which is the better way:
if b1<b2 then
gosub body_rturn
gosub body_lturn
end if

And now Peek-E is smart. Lol.

I know I could (should) have changed the actual numbers coresponding to wheel movement, but this was much simpler.

Peek-E: Now with more bumper sticker, HA.



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Hey, congrats! I knew you'd figure it out.

Check in your code how far left and right Peek-E is looking. Since your bot's body is quite wide, you may have to widen the angle he turns his head (assuming it is not actually at the maximum already).

I love the integrated LED on top of his head.  Are you considering him done or do you want to add more now that you've figured out the basics? You could add a speaker and make sounds, add more sensors, a gripper, whatever.

Have fun!

I just uploaded the code I am using if you would like to have a look at it. It still needs a little bit of fine-tuning but it is more or less done.

I have already added a speaker and i'm still playing around with it!

As far as wheather or not Peek-E is done is hard to answer. I will say I have acomplished everything I set out to do, but who knows when inspiration will strike again.

where did you get the LMR sticker from? i need one too for my robo

It is just a printout from the LMR logo kit.

First I shrunk the image way down and then printed it, then I just glued it in place.

Hey, nice progress! Keep working on it. You might try adjusting the left-right sweep of the sensor to be a bit wider, since your bot is sort of wide. And/or adjust how far your bot turns when it tries to avoid an obstacle.

Great to see it progressing. Nice work.

Did you just call my robot fat? Just kidding!

Its thanks to everyone at LMR that I have made it this far!!

Test run 2 0001 shows what Peek-E is up to now.

I really need to turn the t.v. off when I record video, lol.

Hey man this is not right!!!

How can I be getting more exited about your robo than mine :)

Go Jinnarin Go

you'll get yours going too! If you are having any problem understanding the code, break it down into smaller pieces and play with your bot, that really helped me see how simple it actually is.

Have fun!

Yay!! It is working.

Design is flawed maybe? The base is to wide so Peek-E will run into things even when turning away from them.

I think a simple change in the code will fix this though!

Video is on the way!!