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servos, ir, or proc speed causing issues with serout on a picaxe?

I'm a little confounded with an issue that I'm having. The setup I'm using is a Picaxe 08M with the following components connected, BT tranciever(uses two pins for i/o), a servo, an ir receiver, and the latest addition, a serial lcd display(connected to pin 0). 

Basically all of the components work except for some funkyness with the serial lcd. It appears to get garbled data when I use it on the axe with the above mentioned components.

I connected it using the exact same code(serial call code for the LCD only) and pin0 on another axe 08m to see if there might have been an issue with  the code, but it works fine with the picaxe having only the serial lcd connected.

The other odd thing is that I do a serout call to the BT device prior to the serout call on the serial lcd. The data from the BT device is sent correctly. I tried commenting the serial out for the bt device, but still get the same results(garbled data) with the LCD.

I have several other things I can try, just thought I'd throw this out though to see if anyone has run into a similar issue.

Potential issues I'm guessing:

hardware issue with some noise on the power line.

hardware issue with not enough power supplied to the lcd. (This is possible since I'm using a LDO that can only supply 150ma, but all other devices are idle when I try to send to the LCD)

Code related issue (something that I'm doing prior to the serout? but that should affect the BT's output as well, which it doesn't)

potential issue with using setfreq prior to using the serout on the LCD.

maybe I should try to send a clear screen command prior to sending data to the LCD?

Any thoughts.


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As I`m not familiar with how picaxes work the best suggestion I can give is try using a regulator with higher output, or switch the LCDs backlight off.

Backlight is not powered as the doc states it takes 400ma!!!

Anyway, I'll try to pull the other components off of the board to see if that does it.