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Platform DMX IO Module

Vendor's Description: 

The DMX IO Platform Module is a 4-channel DMX transceiver. In receive mode it can control up to four channels of low-current TTL (3.3v, e.g., for servos and small LEDs) or high-current (12v, e.g., lamps, relays, solenoids, stepper motor, etc.) output.  In transmit mode, it can issue commands to an entire DMX universe (512 channels).

Dual XLR-3 connectors allow the module to act as a receiver or transmitter (master) node in a DMX network and A 9-position DIP switch allows for address configuration without changing firmware.

DMX is a serial protocol that runs over a RS-485 hardware link. It was originally designed to control lights, but it is also used to control servos, LED's, stepper motors, relays, and other devices (Like a DMX Skeleton). It's an easy-to-use, robust protocol that allows for 1,500 Feet + cable runs using inexpensive cable.

I found a few cool uses of DMX and put it up in the howto/instructable.  Also in the instructable is information on using DMX with the Propeller (and a tiny bit of info on using it with an Arduino)