Let's Make Robots!

The "Uncanny Valley" of robotic appearance

I came across this Wikipedia article about how humans can have a negative reaction to robot's appearance as it begins to approach a human realistic level.

Pretty interesting from a design concept. I especially liked the discussion around how certain design choices affect people's response to a robot. People expect very human looking robots to be very advanced, and are turned off if their capabilities don't match their appearance. Conversely, people don't respond well to something that looks very non-human, but acts human.

So you might get creeped out by a human looking bot that doesn't walk well, or something that looks like a toaster, but can hold an engaging conversation with you.

Not that LMR has a lot of robots approaching human appearance, but I there have been a few bots people thought were creepy looking when that was not the creator's intent. I wonder if the "uncanny valley" was at play.