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my new project

my new project is a bot that helps around the house.i want to make one for my mom i want to have a charging station that it atonomusly charges it self.im probly going to have it eather vacume or sweep with a swiffer pad.im going to use adrino and about 6 servos.for a charging station im going to have a botton on the bak of the bot that triggers a relay so it dose not fry components.

the shell of the bot is eather going to be a plastic case or a form of paper machea. strenthened with chicken wire or fabric so the user could paint it

 im going to make a bog home made contact sensorso that whaen she shell is bumped it hit a switch that triggers a avoidence


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Nice idea... Robots that give something in return or help in some way are always appreciated. They are my favorites actually. Good luck with your new project!
Looking forward to seeing it done. I hope it's cheap to make and you include a walkthrough here on LMR ;)
I am eventually going to work on something thta has a charging station. The process of getting a robot to dock and charge itself would be very helpful. Make sure the power to the robot is shut off when it is charging or you could have excess current go to the robot and blow something. A simple transistor or relay that kills power to the robot when power is flowing into the batteries would probably do it.

That shouldn`t be necessary if you take precautions. The charging voltage of a battery is higher than its nominal voltage, but using voltage regulators means you should have no problem.

thank you