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Where to find a *cheap* range finder?

I'm looking for any place that I can find any type of range finder that's under $100 and I know I'm probably sounding cheap right about now. So far the only one's I've found on the internet are about $1000, and let's face it, that's way out of a kid's league, if they even have a league...Well, thanks in advance!!!:)

 also, anyone know where to get what i think they're called "minicontrollers"? Thanks! 

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there are lots of range finders for less than $100, it depends on the type. from what it sounds like you've found laser range finders.

also i think your looking for microcontrollers.
if your after making your first robot please see the start here robot


"Rangefinder" is a pretty broad term. Sharp makes IR rangefinders that are ten bucks. A few places make sonar rangefinders for $20-$30. Really snazzy laser rangefinders can go for tens of thousands. What are you after?

For the second part, see Where to buy stuff, also in the top menu