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Create a Third Hand to Hold Things

Holds stuff

If you have trouble when soldering, attaching wires, whatever, this might be the perfect solution.

I'll be building one of these myself in a few weeks so I'll be able to actually give a good review, but it looks pretty solid and trustworthy.

Third Hand (Instructables)

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On my regular helping hands, I slid my roll of silver solder (I have 2 pounds of it :D for free) onto the bar that holds the connector things, so I have solder right there. Super easy and handy!

Looks nice. My helping hands have often frustrated me for their lack of useful range -- for example, there's no way to just position the two alligator clips close to each other and parallel, which seems to be one of the most common things I'd like todo, such as for soldering a wire onto a header pin or whatever. I might give this project a try.


I have a regular helping hands, but those are much better, as they are completely flexiable.
Yes - same here. They look much nicer. Only problem is that you have to build those :D