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Create a Third Hand to Hold Things

Holds stuff

If you have trouble when soldering, attaching wires, whatever, this might be the perfect solution.

I'll be building one of these myself in a few weeks so I'll be able to actually give a good review, but it looks pretty solid and trustworthy.

Third Hand (Instructables)

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And heres's what I've done! I've added blue rubber foam wrap to prevent it from scratching my work surface. And it adds less slip.

Oh! its the same color as my avatar!



You inspired me, Vince, I finally placed my order for the SnapFlow parts. I like that pipe-based base. Where did you buy the pipe? Just the local hardware store? That's 1/8 NPT pipe, right? Is that LED actually bright enough to add useful illumination?


Yes the led is very bright! it leaves black spots on my eyes, you might consider putting more links to the led arm or.. less links to the aligator arms just so you can get some distance between them. the pipe i got was the next size up from 1/4. but i wished i got the 1/4 because your dont need the additional 4 coupling pieces. Ive also put in a 3 click switch to turn either LED only or LED+fan. (because fan will eat the battery) These arms are amazingly useful!

Looks like you work around CNC stuff with coolant lines.