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need xmas ideas

hey all. i'm rudolph's person and i am totally stuck on what to get him for xmas. i know nothing about robots despite his trying to explain it to me over and over. i want to get him something cool to you robot peeps but here is the chalenge, it needs to be affordable. cool and cheap. so anyway contact me via form or email drleanne at yahoo dot com with like a link or sometrhing. cause i need the really obvious directions on this stuff lol

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I am sure your hospital has a policy against it, but if you get Del a discarded IV pump or bedside communication station or something, he'd probably be just as stoked as he would be with a brand new set of stepper motors.

Where did we start this?


was there a forum about this before this one?

And if not, who is my person? Can I give Oddbot a thing, or fritsl?

Hey Rudolph - stop peeking!



lol y'all are funny about reading everything. rik that a briliant idea about hitting up biomed for toys. sure they have tons of toys that would make any geeks day

Here's parts of the list I gave to my wife:

Asus EEE PC small laptop computer
Complete Robot kit
Robotbase with tracks
RC car to modify into 4wd terrain going robot
mini digger because you cant go too big
Byggsats industrirobot from sagitta.se (art.nr: 99442) cheap robot arm
Chumby (cute techno gadget for nerds, guarantied success in the bedroom)
Chumby Guts (DIY version of above)

I gave my parents this list:

200 dollars minimum cash

Ping Ultrasonic

1 servo controlling board (like oddbot has for monster 6wd)

1 kilo polymorph

How to survive a robot uprising and How to build a robot army (these are books)

Star trek DVD

1 Parallax GPS

1 tri-axis accellerometer

1 TPA81 thermal imaging camera

rudolph and i have been married since 1996. he is my person to go to when things are awesome and when they suck and i am his. forgot that rudolph while he watches greys anatomy is likely a rare robot guy to do so and its because i put it on. thats where the my person thing came from. husband/wife is so posesive and doesnt describe the friendship factor wel.

I figured it was some local dialect. Guess I was half right.

OMG even Google knows! Maybe 1/4 right then....

this year will def have to go small so thaty list rocks. i know his family will be asking this same question so what i dont get i wil forward on to them. tho i wish could go off the big list. can hear him drooling over it lol