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Touchscreen LCD Platform Module

Vendor's Description: 

The Touchscreen LCD Platform Module expands your Propeller Platform with a 4.3" color touchscreen LCD with a 480x272 resolution. Like all the other Platform Modules, the Touchscreen LCD Module uses standard .1" spacing, so you can also use it with a breadboard or protoboard.

Integrating the touchscreen with existing Propeller code is simple: The Paint Demo (on the Gadget Gangster site) contain the mouse and LCD objects to drive the display and read the touchscreen. They are both drop-in replacements for the Parallax VGA and mouse drivers.

This module was designed by Raymond Allen.



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You're correct, Arduino's max speed would be 20MHZ... unless you get the upgraded X-Duino.. which is based on ARM CPU's, but still Arduino compatible. Which is actually amazingly cheap for what it offers... which is capable of running at 75MHZ.


$30, $10 shipping. (To the US, Europe, India, and Singapore (some other locations))

What kind of controller is used? Can it also be used in combination with a arduino?

Yeah - Ray found a great deal on these displays while doing some sourcing for another project he's working on.  

From what I understand, Ray just tweaked Parallax's VGA driver to work with this display's driver circuit.  Looking at the datasheet, it looks pretty similar to VGA signaling.  The display doesn't have a controller, just a circuit to turn on the pixels.  The Prop handles the screen buffer, timing, etc. 

I don't think it can run on an arduino - just the display memory would eat up something like 12kB.  Refreshed 30 times a second - that's 300kB of I/O per second.  VGA uses a 25MHz clock, and I don't think an Arduino can synthesize a 25MHz signal.  I'm not an Arduino expert, so I could be wrong, though.