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Need Help for AGV?

i'm working on AGV project rite now.low cost AGV.i'm totally dont have knowledge in software part that is programming part?especially to do the coding for the robot.but for hardware part is not a problem to me.can somebody help me with the coding part?i'm using atmel microcontroller and will attach with stepper motor.for sensor i'm using ultrasonic for obsctacels sensor.

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Hi Norzuriati,

What is an AGV? Autonomous Ground Vehicle perhaps? Sounds like the start here robot. >>> Main menu > "Start here".

AGV stand for automated guided vehicle.....im currently doing on low cost agv for my project.

I think it means automated guided vehicle.

About the microcontroller..what kind of Atmel chip are you using? And in what environment are you planning to program it? Did you buy it allready?

I'm asking because if you're new to programming I'd very much recommend using the Arduino environment. It's about a 100 times easier to program and 1000 times easier to find examples and get help (on the arduino website/forum).

If you didn't buy it yet go for an Arduino board or clone. If you allready have the microcontroller there are ways of turning it into an Arduino. But only if you have one of the following chips: 168, 328, 1280 and to some extent the 644 (so called Sanguino variant). Basically these chips can function like a standalone Arduino as long as they have an Arduino bootloader and a 16Mhz crystal or ceramic resonator.

That's my 5 cents :)

i really dont understand what is Arduino environment?erm..i had buy atmel microcontroller at89s52...my project is developing an obstacles robot and my choice of sensor is ultrasonic...where can i find the coding for obstacles robot?how am i supposed to program a robot that can detect obstacle without the line follower?

The Arduino environment is (in short) a programming platform for (some) Atmega chips. It provides a MUCH faster and easier way of programming than you'd get programming the chips more "directly" using C++ or Assembler (AVR). Check it out yourself: www.arduino.cc.

You seem to mix up the obstacle detection and line following. They're two differnent things that require different hardware and programming. For line following you'd need some sensors like the QRB1134 or the QRD1114. For obstacle detection you'd need an ultrasonic sensor or a Sharp sensor.

And I can't tell you where to find code for this or that. You can off course search the net for code examples (which is a lot easier with Arduino than AVR), but you'll eventually have to write your own code. Code is usually very specific for the hardware and the application in general, so you can't just copy it that easily.

If you wanna use the chip you mentioned you can't use the Arduino platform and you'll have to start researching on AVR programming. Here is a start: www.instructables.com/id/Ghetto-Programming:-Getting-started-with-AVR-micro/
ny project is about doing an innovation on line follower robot that is i dun want the robot to be guided..moves freely..the obstacles sensor that i used is ultrasonic sensor..i dont understand..is it arduino can programm into microcontroller?or i dun have to used microcontroller if i'm using arduino?

Did you check out the links? I'm not sure I can explain it better.

Defining what Arduino is can be a bit confusing: is it a microcontroller, a board, software, a programming language or what?

I'll try to make it clearer how I see it:

Arduino is 1st and foremost a programming environment for some Atmega microcontrollers namely:





*And to some extent Atmega644 but forget about that

They also sell boards like this:


The board contains a microcontroller (one of those I mentioned...in this case a 168 or 328), power plug, voltage regulator, USB plug and other circuitry so you can plug it into the USB port of your PC and start programming the microcontroller easily.

On the Arduino website you can download the Arduino IDE for free, which is a text editor and compiler especially for programming the Atmega microcontroller on the Arduino board.

As I mentioned you don't have to buy a board since any of the microcontrollers I mentioned can be used and programmed with the Arduino IDE. But that requires more knowledge and work than buying a board which is designed for ease of use.

Given your questions it seems you are quite new to all of this so I highly recommend buying a board. They can be bought for as little as 20$ with a bit of luck.

Check out the Start here robot on this site for some programming basics. It is not a atmel microcontroller robot, but if you are looking for basic programming ideas, it may help.

Part II of the Start here robot includes some more advanced navigation code.

Good luck.

thanks for the guide.