Let's Make Robots!

Kaboodle my first robot

simple navigation by proximity check using a sonar

The 2 images below was my first attempt at a robot using fritsl's guide. After my first attempt i felt ashamed of how flimsy and goofy the robot looked.


 So I broke it apart and re-did it!

I decided to invest more time to make a custom chasis using the battery pack as the core as it is the most solid and non fragile component, then surrounding it in rubbery material (known to me as kaboodle) i bought at an art supplies store. I used 2 power supplies in this newer version, since fritsl wrote an excellent guide on it. http://letsmakerobots.com/node/75





The material is very easy to cut and glues together great with a glue gun. It's also pretty forgiving with mistakes. Plus, it allows you to temporarily mount stuff on it using needles or pins.

But since it bends, my wheel alignment was wonky. So i put a makeshft axle between the two motors (lower left). i also added a tail wheel as a 3rd contact point since those little black "dots" at the end of the motors wern't cutting it (lower right) the wheel part was originaly for RCairplanes.




The head i fashioned out of the same material. Using one of the alphabet letters (letter "i"). Letter H would have been a better choice although it didnt come in black :(



If your wondering about the foamy eyes, read more about why i did that here... http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1276

I also added a speaker so it boops and beeps like robots on tv! the beeps are based on sonar results.



The funny thing about buying stuff at an art supplies store is you get tempted to"accessorize" your project. Here I bought my friend some fashionable headwear for $1.50



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Nice! But i cannot see your pics, you have to upload them not just cut and paste. Hope to see your pics soon! 


It doesn't look flimsy, it looks compact.

Being small means it can reach places bigger ones can't. In fact it's so small it can navigate through passages that humans can't reach. Which means it has already broken the first barrier of being a usefull machine; executing task that human cannot do themselves.. 

-and the blackness adds attitude. I like it. 

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

the last picture you posted looks so great! Don't really know why but it makes me think about the cowboys from hell song (by pantera)

 a question about your power supplies: the 9v battery i see in the pictures above is for the motors right?

Right, the 9v powers the motors, servo. The 5v powers the sonar

Hey, nice! The tail wheel would be nice to have a link on?

And the hat does it with the eyes and all.

I definetly think the hat-picture should be your main pictyre - we want that on the frontpage, it is cool!! This is how cool stuf is made, mate :D Looking forward to the video (hopefully with hat on :D)

Nice Robot!

I was going to make mine into a cowboy too. Now I have to think of something new.

The FIRST one looked goofy?!?!  ... :) 

www.rocketbrandcustom.com baby!!

It has a cowboy hat!!
Are those tartan trousers, or are you still wearing your pyjamas?
gotta stay comfy when tinkering, I end up sitting in 1 spot for hours :)