Let's Make Robots!

GB101LMR "Jack"

Main character in my GBxxLMR "universe"

Update: Same video, but now also streaming from a different provider, as some complained that they could not see the first one.

I had 2 weekends to complete "something robotish that kids in the mall can play with", and I was paid to do the job :)

I invented this game; GB101LMR "Jack" (this robot) is radio controlled by the player. Object is to move chestnuts from one end of a track to the other.

The track was white polystyrene with black tape, and the player loses energy if crossing the black areas, or is lifted up or otherwise off track.

Inside the track I could place strong magnets, and the robot also could detect those; Magnet facing north up, meant "Power up" for the player, south up made "instant only 10% energy left".

"Rainbow-meter" on one side of Jack showed the amount of energy left. When at completely cloud, the game is over, you are dead!

What the player saw on the "hotspots of magic" was perhaps a flower and a scull .. or as on the video, an LED buried inside with the magnet, providing a "magic blue spot of full energy".

To make it harder and more fun, GB101LMR "Jack" had an enemy, named GB6777LMR "Ghost", that was trying to push him off track.

I would love to have made many more creatures and functions, score count and rumble on joystick, monsters that coordinated attacks via radio, "The big chestnut-scanner", that would have to accept a chestnut to let one inside the other half of the track etc..

It's very easy to get good ideas from old computergames for this, and it's actually really addictive to play, so I recommend you to copy the setup, make "a computer game" with robots, it's fun!


This one is RC-controlled, via a hacked old cheap RC-toy, that hooks up to the Microcontroller instead of as originally the RC cars wheels. Microcontroller then steers the action from there, it could not be simpler.

One reason that I could make these 2 robots that fast, including AmandaLDR and that kind, was that I was using parts from old robots. Maybe you also have an old robot that could be turned into a game? :)

IMG_0366.JPG IMG_0364.JPG IMG_0363.JPG IMG_0362.JPG IMG_0359.JPG




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I love this too. I am trying to get my 7 year old daughter interested in the Arduino. I showed her your video, and she was (briefly) interested. I have added this to my list of projects.

I think that the homemade covers makes this project more accessible to kids, it would be neat if there was a tutorial or perhaps a subtutorial from the Start Here robot that engaged kids by covering how to personalize the Start Here bot with kids. Maybe there is already a tag for "kids", and that covers it completely.

A quick question, is it even necessary to tie the arduino into the r/c? Could you start with a cheap r/c car, and not tie into it at all, just add the micro-controller and sensors to just do the black/white sensing, magnetic detecting, and servo health displaying?



"how to personalize the Start Here bot with kids"? Uh, I think that is just up to your imagination, or you can get inspired from around the website of how people makes their robot look different. I remember that someone put a small cowboy hat on he's version, perpahs that is ll you need?

Else, you are more than welcome to create a line of inspiration, I will be happy to link to it from the "start here".

The robot on this page is not based on an RC car. It is 4 modified servos for motors, and a Picaxe with sensors to run the show. It could run like this alone. But it is supposed to be remote controlled, and instead of making my own joystick and everything, I just ripped an old RC car.

So, the RC is taken from an old RC car, the circuit gets its power from the Picaxe, and returns signals to the Picaxe (instead of motors that as it was build to), ant the Picaxe takes it from there.

 Too Funny, I like it.

Also. The music goes well with the bot.

I'd say it is the coolest set of bots i've seen on LMR! Really nice, and yes, it gives lots of inspiration. I might start doing something similar to that too, a game bot! :=)  

One thing i still have to understand: those black lines on the board, not the ones on the side that make him lose life, but the ones in the inner part, are they to limit the ghost's movements?

Yes, the Ghost can only move on white areas. But as he stops on the black, he pushes chestnuts out on the black line, and leave them there. Or he pushes Jack out and leaves him there. Jack has omni wheels, and Ghost has rubber tires.

Either way, it is not so fun for jack; Chestnuts or himself on black lines :)

You should absolutely go for making "a game" - it is so much more fun to test and all, because you get o play with it. And then afterwards, people can see it more as "a robot that drives around". It is good fun!

I still take thes out for a game when I have guests with children or something!

This is definitely one of the coolest things I've seen in a while

how does it know if it's going off the course? or do you just cross your fingers and hope there are no mischievous kids?

Thanks :)

Underneath there are 2 sensors and one light shining.

One sensor is monitoring magnetic fields; if a magnet is present (with the right side up, hidden in the track), it acts as a "Power up".

However, if the light shining is not reflected (black area OR robot off track / lifted up / tipped over), energy is quickly lost, nd when at zoro (blue cloud), it stops, plays a sad tune, game is over!


I can only recomend making games with robots like this, makes it much more fun for others to see the stuff you have made! (and even hard not to play a little yourself, to see if you can beat their score ;)

oh, I see. I assumed you would need some sort of magnetic 'fence' around the course.

Is the 'health meter' just a servo?

Yes, the "meter" is just a small servo :)
Pretty cool idea, looks like the kids enjoyed it!