Let's Make Robots!

GB101LMR "Jack"

Main character in my GBxxLMR "universe"

Update: Same video, but now also streaming from a different provider, as some complained that they could not see the first one.

I had 2 weekends to complete "something robotish that kids in the mall can play with", and I was paid to do the job :)

I invented this game; GB101LMR "Jack" (this robot) is radio controlled by the player. Object is to move chestnuts from one end of a track to the other.

The track was white polystyrene with black tape, and the player loses energy if crossing the black areas, or is lifted up or otherwise off track.

Inside the track I could place strong magnets, and the robot also could detect those; Magnet facing north up, meant "Power up" for the player, south up made "instant only 10% energy left".

"Rainbow-meter" on one side of Jack showed the amount of energy left. When at completely cloud, the game is over, you are dead!

What the player saw on the "hotspots of magic" was perhaps a flower and a scull .. or as on the video, an LED buried inside with the magnet, providing a "magic blue spot of full energy".

To make it harder and more fun, GB101LMR "Jack" had an enemy, named GB6777LMR "Ghost", that was trying to push him off track.

I would love to have made many more creatures and functions, score count and rumble on joystick, monsters that coordinated attacks via radio, "The big chestnut-scanner", that would have to accept a chestnut to let one inside the other half of the track etc..

It's very easy to get good ideas from old computergames for this, and it's actually really addictive to play, so I recommend you to copy the setup, make "a computer game" with robots, it's fun!


This one is RC-controlled, via a hacked old cheap RC-toy, that hooks up to the Microcontroller instead of as originally the RC cars wheels. Microcontroller then steers the action from there, it could not be simpler.

One reason that I could make these 2 robots that fast, including AmandaLDR and that kind, was that I was using parts from old robots. Maybe you also have an old robot that could be turned into a game? :)

IMG_0366.JPG IMG_0364.JPG IMG_0363.JPG IMG_0362.JPG IMG_0359.JPG




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Beautiful game. And ditto video. Glad to see the first good use of blip.tv on LMR too.

How does the ghost "work"? Does it search and push the Jack like a sumo bot?

Thanks, and yes, I thought we might as well try some different video providers, also since I recon YouTube is getting just a little too happy to advertize over the videos :)

The ghost:

It was intended to trace and track for killing.. But it turned out that if it just drove around with the simplest "bounce on walls"-routine, it had the best game value. 

Because of it's physics, the 2 "arms" in front, then once it's "locked on to you, it doesn't let go. Had the same going on the headhunter.

So it turned out that just beeping and flashing when something close in front would be all needed to give the impression that "once it got you, it knew it, and did not let go".

Would have been fun to make it "sumo", and I was planning, but when I got to that part, it already worked perfect, just by going through all the "am I on track-routines", so I neverprogrammed more than a "return" in that sub-section :)


This is the funniest shit I've ever seen :D


That's just great!..

I have a few questions!; 

Firstly, what does the "GB" in the names refer to?

How do you measure and differentiate the blue spot?  - I suppose what I'm really asking is - if you were to play this game in very different light levels (or very dim?), would there be any problems?

 The big green thing has a head that looks like it has a distance sensor on it - is that true? I'm not entirely sure what that would be for, since there seems to be no danger of collisiions etc. on the playing field. 


Anyhow, it's genius. I love it.

Thanks :)

GB stand for GameBot.

The blue spot coulld be anything. The robot just sees the magnet, hte blue is for the human. I hav variations where I drew a flower and a scull (when a magnet was flipped, and took energy)

"THe big green thing" is refered to as GB6777LMR "Jack". He has no distance sensors, is RC controlled, and is only looking for Black/white and magnets below him. 

Awesome! Fantastic video, this is real fun! Love the rainbow energy gauge :)

It looks to me that this "head" is just turning whenever you make a turn. Does it carry any other functionality, Fritz?


bliptv is a bit glitchy when played back from Ubuntu. Works fine in windows though.

Thanks :)

The head is just turning whenever the joystick is moved, no other function.

I'm submitting an alternative video soon, thanks. 

Love the paint  job.  You have a talent of making the maximum out of a group of simple parts. Kudos!

This is amazing! Congrats Fritsl! Seeing the kids playing and having fun is so cooolll !!!!

Both little bots are so cute!!  :)
cute. Did you color that :P?