Let's Make Robots!

Computers stolen from DAGU

Just letting every one who has placed an order recently with DAGU know that their order will be delayed as our office was broken into again and most of our computers were stolen along with the work van. Since Claudia's computer was one of the stolen computers you should email her again with any recent orders made using the subject:"ORDER MADE PRIOR TO BREAK IN" so we can check it against what has been sent. We will have new computers up and running soon so there shouldn't be too much delay.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
OddBot (aka Russell Cameron)


When breaking off the keypad didn't work they broke into the kitchen instead.



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That bot is nice but backups in every form are livesavers ... my 2c.

Sorry to hear about your break in. I agree about the comments that the theives may come back. The trick is to make it more trouble than it is worth for them to break in again. A dog that will bark loudly when unknown people are about may do more than thousands of dollars (or Yuen) in security hardware. No one wants to get bitten by a large dog with great big pointy teeth.


there is the solution. 

Yep, that's a dangerous robot. Here's a video of it in action.



Hope you do find a way to protect yourselves, and even some data recovery! 

pew pew pew pew  KABLAM! bye bye thieves :)
totaly agre that on hiarchy of needs a full belly is a higher priority. often i think that the honor thing is a way to guilt people into submision. oh and leave it to rudolph to come up with a friggin lazer on a bot.

Agreed with isotope. That, or an offsite backup service (maybe even an Amazon S3 type of thing "in the cloud", as much as I hate the whole "cloud computing" thing). 

For security, how about a bunch of Mr. Generals fitted with tazers?

I know of the "cloud computing" thing. A business associate of ours backs up his files to a server in England like that. It's a possibility but I don't like to trust other like that.

I think Mr. Generals fitted with tazers would pose more risk to us than the robbers :P


I'd suggest buying a NAS to backup critical information and muring it deep in the wall.

We do need a better backup system although it is still up to the individuals to use it. I know that some backups had been done but I doubt if they were up to date :(

I think if we do setup a computer or server of some sort for backing files up then it needs to be in a different building.