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Hooking up a Schmitt trigger (74HC14)

I need to hook up a 74HC14 to clean the signal from a QRB1134 IR sensor. I think I know how but I need to make sure. Could it really be this simple:

*Connect pin 14 to 5V (from Arduino)

*Connect pin 7 to ground

*Connect pin 1 to the signal output of the QRB1134

*Connect pin 2 to the Arduino analog in

*Place a .1uF cap between the 5V and the ground wire

Here is the datasheet and an example I used:




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I took the risk and hooked it up as I described above and it seemed to be the right way. Though I'm not getting exacly what I had hoped for it definately did work.

Yes, it is that simple.

However, might I suggest you:
• Connect all unused inputs to ground or V+ to prevent troublesome inverter oscillation.
• Use a digital input instead of analog, since you usually have more digitals free, and you don't need analog since the inverter only outputs digital signals.

So it isn't actually that simple..meaning I need to connect ALL unused inputs to ground. I guess I should have gotten the little brother you mentioned since I don't really need 6 inputs and outputs. Anyway this may be the reason I'm getting multiple high/low clicks sometimes during a transition?!

And it is my plan to use a digital input off course since eventually I wanna use interrupts to detect the transitions...if possibl...

Oh yeah, actually now that you mention it the oscillating unused inverters are quite likely to be the source of the problem.