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ASM to HEX translation

so how do I get from MPLAB .asm file to the hex that winpic wants?

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haha, export, didn't see it.

 I'm assuming INHX32?

"Export?" I... uhh... What are you doing?

To get a.ASM file build into tthe binary, you use Project/Make.  (In MPLAB.)


 I don't see a "Project/Make"...

 There is "File/Export"  And winpic seemed to be okay with it...  (I haven't tested it yet, have to go buy new batteries today :-P)

*after radioshack trip*

 HEELLLLLLLLO WOOORLD!!   yes, it works!  BOA, are you using MPLAB 8.10?

I was using 7.4 until late last night when I upgraded to 8.14. I can only assume that Project/Make is no longer and option, but I do know that F10 still does a Make, therefore creating your .HEX file.

It is a bit good. Having had sucess ther, I'd be happy if you made a walkthrough. this is not laziness on my part. Rather, part of my problem is that I've been doing this for so long that I can't even remember what my hurdles were. I don't know what you guys wil lfind difficult.

Go on - I'll give you a hand.

Sure, I'm all for that, not quite ready yet though.  I need some more time to play around with the code and figure out how things work, I learn best with experimentation, just how I'm wired.
Rubbish. You're PRIME for it. Just write down everything you uncover in the order you uncover it. It will be perfect!
yup, seems to have worked