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Web-controllable Telepresence

This is the fusion of my old Qwerkbot project and a 4WD base, with omniwheels replacing the originals. I've also attached one of Oddbot's compound IR sensors for better object tracking. 

Details of my (slow) progress can be found on the blog listed above.

Latest Update: finally implemented (stationary) pan/tilt object tracking! (See video)

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cool that looks awsome do you have a video transmiter or is it shown on a lcd screen?
Video gets pushed to the host PC, although I've not figured out how to do any analysis of the contents, so its just for a remote operator to see where they're going for now!

Do you have a video? Do the wheels actually work? I have had no luck with plastic wheels. Curious.


hey same web cam

I wanted to buy one, tried on their website, but they haven't listed the product in there! Could you please tell me how (and when) did you get your Qwerk? 




I tell you this: If you can make it controllable from the web, we want it on the frontpage of LMR for a period!

PS: Impressive tracking :)

I am slowly working on a control panel for it in java and processing; if I can figure out java webstart then I could make it controllable through the web as there's a proxy server for remote connections already set up by CMU. Probably for the best the laser has broken, though, if random strangers were to gain control!
You can trus us all with your laser, though. Absolutely!
Man, I could just imagine an RC internet controlled robot in my house with my 5 dogs... They'd start hating life pretty quick.