Let's Make Robots!

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It's nice to see the compound eye working on someone elses robot.
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I've borrowed pretty heavily from your example code as well, so thanks for all your work on this!
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If it helps at all I have now posted an Arduino version of the code here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/11703


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  Very nice. I also learn alot from this site.
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Man, I could just imagine an RC internet controlled robot in my house with my 5 dogs... They'd start hating life pretty quick.
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I tell you this: If you can make it controllable from the web, we want it on the frontpage of LMR for a period!

PS: Impressive tracking :)

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I am slowly working on a control panel for it in java and processing; if I can figure out java webstart then I could make it controllable through the web as there's a proxy server for remote connections already set up by CMU. Probably for the best the laser has broken, though, if random strangers were to gain control!
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You can trus us all with your laser, though. Absolutely!
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I wanted to buy one, tried on their website, but they haven't listed the product in there! Could you please tell me how (and when) did you get your Qwerk?