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Powered Exoskeleton (Old)

Lift Heavy Objects Easily

I have no video of it, but it was a (very stiff) exoskeleton prototype.  Basically it was just a concept.


Main feature:

-Gave user the ability to lift between 50 and 90 pounds without any effort


Main Problems:

-Very stiff; diffictult to walk in

-Only one side

-Object could only be transported to any aero within 360 degrees (No walking feaure)

-Object must have a spot for the hook to go through

-Batteries drained easily


There have been other prototypes, but they have either failed or were not improved.  The project was halted when the design that incorperated actual powered walking and two working arms.

Also, I realized that any single robot arm could do the exact same job; there was no need to have it in exoskeleton form.

This is a very old project: I've given up, but i just found this picture on my hard drive, so I just posted it for whatever reason.


This robot has been recycled and is now some of the bones of the Walking Vehicle Project.

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if you could give me detailed instructions i cold make some modifications and send that blueprint to you