Let's Make Robots!


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Bump, need moar!
40 mins of clicking refresh got me 3 pages to load, the sign in page, front page and finaly my cart page, gave up at the end .  

1 and a half hours of clicking "refresh" on 30 links to the checkout button. That was how I spent free day.

congrats on getting your stuff, I had like three barebone arduinos on my cart, and some soldering tools. but I never passed the shipping option page.

I just about died when I saw this, after clicking buttons for over an hour:


Here is a list of what I got:


I wish everyone could have got something!

Ahhh in the end the network connection timeouts got the better of my attempts...For those who got something free, cool....for the rest of us...ah well...maybe next time!  :D

I'm glad they did this and hopefully they will do it again...

Maybe a special for LMR members? That would be excellent! 
2 hours after it started I still cant connect to the site! 

lol  "The site is going in and out of consciousness"


no wonder, I have a shopping cart ready and I cannot even check out.