Let's Make Robots!


just walks around aimlessley...

this is a plan/design/idea/i don't know what i am doing. this is my very first robot plan. so if you could help me in any way please do. i am planning on using a Picaxe 28x1 or whatever the starter one is. please comment supportivley!

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i found the "best practices" thing


i cant find it fritsl, but i am looking. and thanks Scheda


Here's another track set, it's even got the chassis, motor, and battery set. However you would have to modify it to use two motors if you planned on more than just going forward and backward.


i couldn't do it in sketch up cause it was hard. so i made it in paint. yay!


Still you have not read the "Best practice" from the frontpage :)

it's good because i can stick with my original plan! yay!!!! it's bad because i have to do the plan AGAIN. ugh! oh well. i will do it in sketch up.


As Mrs. Lovett sings,

Don't you know,
Silly man?
Half the fun is to
Plan the plan!
All good things
Come to those who can

Well only some of that applys to your statement... But then again, I was called an obsessive cleaner and logistic earlier, so maybe I just get off on planning things.

the new plan is the picture now. CHECK IT OUT!!! also, don't complain,"it's not balanced!!!!" because it just looks that way the way i drew it.


Haha, don't complain about it not being balanced? :P

You can find treads a LOT cheaper than $40, so if you wanna do it with treads, go for it!

Here's a pair that's pretty cheap.


It's $10, plus shipping to whereever you are. They aren't shipping today or tomorrow though, cause they are moving offices, so it might be a day or three before they are able to do much with your order.