Let's Make Robots!


just walks around aimlessley...

this is a plan/design/idea/i don't know what i am doing. this is my very first robot plan. so if you could help me in any way please do. i am planning on using a Picaxe 28x1 or whatever the starter one is. please comment supportivley!

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i know the name is not creative. so just don't mention it

Haha, E-Wall... mentioning it.

Are you building the starter robot for this? It looks that's what it is (minus the treads). Are you going to do it straight up like the tutorial, or will you be modifying it some to 'make it your own'?

kind of both if u catch my drift :D

Yep, I do. I'm doing the same thing. I'll be building the basic "Start Here" robot, then adding onto it a little to expand my learning. I'll start out with doing wheels, but treads look cool, so they will be a future addon for a project.

After I get Start Here working, I'll be modifying it to seek dark places. He'll be like a little vampire bot :P

lol. a vampire bot would be awesome. on another subject.... my dad is against the idea of me making robots!!!!! *GASP!*


AGAINST? Hmph. Bad dad, bad dad, go sit in the corner.

looks to me like that design has only one servo....where are the other two servos for the wheels?


also, where will you put the battery pack? 


what about axles for the additional wheels in the thread-belt?

i didn't think it through yet. i was rushed "lets go shopping honey!!!" i will post new plan shortly. Robots.......ROCK!
the updated robot planRobots.......ROCK!
At the moment I think he's gonna be a bit back heavy with those proportions. Realistically he's gonna be a bit longer I think.