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Question: Arduino vs. Illuminato?

Has anyone had any experience with the Illuminato: Genesis board? I want one, but I need it to be 100% arduino compatible (save for the bling() function). You know, me being new to this stuff and all and the slight chance I may need to copy and paste a little. ;)


Anyways, anyone?

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The illuminato (Genesis) sure is a sexy looking beast. In fact it's the most aestetic MCU board I've seen. And the onboard 644 chip is a nice step in between the 328 and the 1280. It's really a shame that the Arduino folks never adopted the 644. It would have been a nice edition to the Arduino family.

The greatest asset of the Arduino platform is that there are 1000s of users sharing experiences, information and constantly improving the platform. It is therefore well tested, well documented and it has a very vibrant forum etc.

The Illuminato as well as the Sanguino (also based on the 644) sort of live their own quiet lives parallel to the Arduino. Even though the creators of these boards "hacked" (so to speak) the Arduino environment so these boards (or rather the 644) could be programmed as an Arduino, it would still be wrong to assume 100% compatibility.

Perhaps most of the BASIC functionality works, but still it hasn't been testet the way the regular Arduino has, so I would assume a lot of things wouldn't work too. And when that happens where do you turn too? The Arduino forum?

And then there is the libraries. These are made by individual people who sometimes spent months programming something they're particularly good at. No garanties that any of these work properly on the 664.

I'm not saying you shouldn't go for it, but I would assume that it requires more hard work and knowledge of the AVR arquitecture  than a regular Arduino, simply because you're on your own to a much larger extent.

PS: I think I'm in love though :P


Was it love at first sight? Just keep your guard up, remember Romeo and Juliet. If it appears shorted, its probably just in a coma, don't worry.
Yes, that's what I though too. And I also think it's the most reasonably priced item in their inventory. (no offense Liquidware!)