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Navigates via ultrasound

Hi all, new to the group. Here's my first robot project ever - "SprintBot"

 I do laser engraving and cutting as a business, so the chassis of the bot was fairly straight forward for me. I found the original idea and drawings here http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-an-OAWR-Obstacle-Avoiding-Walking-Rob/?newComment=true#comments and redid them to suit my needs.

 As of tonight it walks and the servo points and the Parallax Ping triggers, but I get no readings from it :-( so... more work to be done.

 Here's the code I used to debug the sensor (gleamed from this site) -

 LET DIRSC = %00000000
 PULSIN 0, 1, W0
 sertxd ("The value is ",#W0,cr,lf)
 pause 500   ‘ short delay
 goto main   ‘ jump back to the start

just added the sertxd stuff from the manual.

Any ideas on the ping??





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Not sure if this will help, but somebody recently wrote a guide on here for getting the Ping to work with the Picaxe.


Lovin' the look of the bot.

Laser cutting, eh? What format do I need to send my drawings to you for that? 

Well, I have an Epilog Helix with a 24"X18" bed size, so I can cut at any one go up to that size. Plexi (perspex) is routinely sold in 12" X 12" and 24" X 12" as standard. CAD drawings work fine, but I convert them so they have contiguous lines with no gaps. EPS works well also and I rarely have to touch them. Corel Draw vector files are easy for me to work with as well.

I got burned paying $5 for the ping servo bracket, but never again - I think I can bang up a life time supply in plexi (perspex) in about five minutes of cutting time - think I'll get started on that.

Pretty sure you have about 10 customers right here.

Is this an expensive process, comercially? Do you have "Mates Rates" for people who give you free electronics advice?


As long as the art work is ready to cut, it wouldn't be expensive at all for me to do it. No worries on the mates rates, happy to help out.

Well, thank yo very much. I'd be happy to cover your materials, postage and a few beers at Christmas.

Could you recommend a piece of freeware which is able to produce suitable drawings? 

Awesome! I'm making the same offer, I'd love to cover the cost of everything and throw in some extra for beers, as long as you don't go and buy something gross like Bud Light or any Miller products.

I just downloaded the program, now let's see if I can learn it!

How about you start a seperate off-topic forum listing good beer and "evil empire beer (Miller)"?


I personally go for Guiness