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AHA Moment

Ok so I finally had an AHA moment about why my servos "weren't working". My servos would just jerk and not do much. I tried my perf board that I wired up for my manual transmission robot. I tried a 28x1 project board with the same result. Well tonight I finally figured it out.

It was code. (prepare to laugh) Between servo commands I was using sleep 100. I was assuming this was 100 milliseconds. It is actually something like 200 seconds. I changed them to wait 1 (which is wit one second) and they now work. 

I wanted to admit my mistake so others learn that you shouldnt always assume your code isnt the problem. My code looks very simple, but since  I didn't fully understand the sleep command and it wasted me hours of tinkering. Always double check your code (line by line and UNDERSTAND it) and check your wiring.

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You need a wait after the servo,0,100 command. Otherwise it will jump to the servo 0,150 at once and move back to 150.

yep...there's a missing wait command before the 'goto'.


you can also use the PAUSE command to work in milliseconds...so PAUSE 1000 would be equivalent to WAIT 1

Thats what got me in trouble I assumed sleep was the same as pause and I made it sleep for 3 minutes between commands.

I had a million of these moments!! :D

And yes, you are right, one learn to ask the right questions!

I just got a high-torque servo tonight. It may work to shift the battery about in my biped (which I may ressurect this w/e).

Could I get the servo to shift? Nah. Than after about an hour I remembered that the last thing I had coded was an "enable" bit for each servo output to save power...

D'oh. The outputs are disabled unless explicitly enabled.