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MTR - A planetary surface exploration rover - My PhD

My PhD work from concept to implementation :)



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pls can discuss the details about your bot after you patent it. i am very eager to build one of those.




Wow, this is just fantastic...great work and awesome design :)

Hi Antonb

What an amazing work !!!

I don't know how to say more :)

BRAVO (sorry I'm french so i have to say that ;)

PS : Could I download your picture to put it as my wallpaper please ?



New user, been browsing the site for a few days and finally joined...

First let me say, I love the robot, it looks and moves great...

I was watching how the robot moves and I am thinking, it looks like each wheel moves

with its own engine, would it be possible to create some kind of electronic transmission

so that, when all wheels are moving on the same direction and speed (i.e. not turning, just

moving forward) you can do that with a single engine instead ? (it would require to move the

engines to the main body)

That way you would use less power when just moving forward, and you could alternate motors

to avoid overheating them...it also becomes a more resilient system, agreed you would loose

the abiliity to make some movements, but you would not loose the entire robot if a single 

motor fails.

Regards !

I want to look as wheels are constructed.

So how do you get to be a professional roboticist? From what I've read, you need to be an electrical and mechanical engeneer and a programmer. But what courses do I need to do? I'm still in highschool, but I'm wondering what I should consider in college and stuff.

Thanks! And by the way you've made a very cool robot. I almost thought it came from NASA ;)

this is so amazing


what was your strategy in school and university for giving parallel attention to your robotics works and studying?

you can also contact me by e-mail if had any recommendation on education.


sory i loved it so much that i kept it as my pic please dont mind


All I ment was for you to ask the owner of the picture before using it. I am not the owner. It is just good manners to ask first. If you ask him, he may grant you permission to use the picture and you could put it back as your Avatar. I was trying keep you from getting into trouble.