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MTR - A planetary surface exploration rover - My PhD

My PhD work from concept to implementation :)



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Very nice work, Anton.

You should go for the Google Lunar X Prize :)

I have been thinking about it but if you really look into it, you'll find that you need much more than just a competent rover design.

I wish one day my rover gets there though :)

what the hell kind of answer is that? - dood. are you telling me out of all the research, your education, and out of all your published papers, with your result, not to mention all the amazing feedback and positivity you're getting from us, you're just going to stand aside and well.. answer that question with "if you really look into it, you'll find that you need much more than just a competent rover design."

you can do better than that. in case you haven't yet figured it out, you're an inspiration to the majority. follow it through. by god, follow it through.

Its been a year now I finshed the PhD. Before that I was trying to make the most out of every opportunity - and to be honest I still am. I don't know what the future holds for me, strange days indeed.I am just going to follow it through and see what happens. I am still waiting on a couple of things concerning the MTR, fingers crossed!

You could probably sell these to NASA,

i love the use of the body rotators.very very thought out 


hope you can add new things to this masterpiece and good luck

in the future of your robot making


This one is just beautifully made. Very inspiring. Although as already said, for an actual planetary rover a lot of envirounment proofing will have to be done. The temperatures, dust, different kinds of radiation, less sunlight to harvest on mars etc etc. For something you designed alone yourself though, this is very inspiring.
Like climbing stairs, going on gravel, it would be like a rock crawler :P

A wonderful creation!

I'm wondering what your design guidlines were - what kinds of behaviours were you trying to implement, the minimum functionalities, what were the minimum required capabilities, expected environments etc. Have you had a chance to test it in some kinds of similar environemnts? There seems to be a teather at present, presumably something that you intend to remove in the future - so what are your plans for power supply?

Both the Moon and Mars are pretty cold - surface temps on the moon will be something like -150 C in the "night" and , 100 C in the day - and diabolically dusty!.. were you considering these factors, or others, in your current design - or is that a future evolution? - radiation can also also a killer in these environments without some possibility for sheilding.

 I know that my camera's batteries won't work in anything less than about 5 degrees C!, - I think you'll need some seriously heavy-duty chemistry in power supply!


And now the big, rude question;  did you pass?



Hi emuller,

Thank you very much for your comments.

In terms of the design guidelines I ought to say that I did not have any. My tutor trusted me enough to let me decide what id like to do - i believe I did not let him down :)))) He trusted me because of my Master's project, videos of which, i will soon be uploading.

The MTR project was focused in the application side of things, rather the space readiness of the rover. In terms of the teather & the batteries check my answers above to mintvelt's questions i think you'll be covered.

In terms of your last question: I had 6 publications in major conferences, 2 journal publications, 3 articles, a book chapter, 3 international prizes, 1 patent filled so what do you think?? :))))     




Could you please provide, links or titles to these publications, articles book chapter and patents?


Thanks very much.