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MTR - A planetary surface exploration rover - My PhD

My PhD work from concept to implementation :)



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I paid nothing - just my time :P
that is the tightest thing ever.i dont know if it's been asked yet, but i that all steell. and, how much did you pay

A hansom beast indeed!

So which planet are you thinking of exploring ;)

The system is intended for Moon/Mars exploration and development
woooooooooow! now that was really awesoooooooooooooooome. oh my god i have gone crazy about its moves .its stupendous,marvellous,amazing and just wow!very well designed .I would love if i could make 1/3rd of it.its really lovely.
it was cool the video. it looked like it was doing yoga
Pro job for sure and excellent ground clearance. I can see a hint of autocad and a good bridgeport operator.
How did you guess?? :))

Oops, maybe should ask here :  sorry, just a repeat of Mintvelts q's.

Check above :)))