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Free day...

Hey, so you've all heard of Free day over at SFE right? Doubtless everyone on LMR is participating, but I would just like to point out something. Buy only what you need. Try not to spend all 100 bucks available to you! Save some for others! If we all used 100 bucks, there would only be 1000 slots. If we used less, say 50 bucks, more people could join in! So please, just remember: This is a gift from Sparkfun. Please don't take advantage of it. Thanks!

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I am actually feeling like a hypocrite right now cause I'm with Dent on this one... but when "Free Day" comes around, I'm gunna try to blow my $100!

Well this makes me curious.. why is it you're so apt to try push this Dent? It wouldn't be because you're not going to be home for the time, and hoping you'll be able to order in time for some free goodies?   :P

I'll be waiting @ 9:00 Pacific time sharp with my mouse on the Checkout button! 


(slaps CO across face) 

but you'll have to wait until ten to check out... quite honestly like TNT that sounds hypocritacal...


Alright, I can see most people are opposed to this. Thanks to those who do save some for others, but I guess there are reasons to support both sides of this battle. Its your choice, after all.

Well I guess you can justify both points of views. Still, I disagree with taking it all when you might not even need it!

I agree as well, don't take what you don't need...it just so happens though that what I need equates to 100+ dollars...  :D

So when you think of it, they'll be making money off of me anyway....and I'm sure thats what they want as well....

have 30$ yet! i used to have loads of stuff, but i eliminated what i could easily get or make, like Ir sensors...