Let's Make Robots!

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Sweet. I like yur choise of materials. And I often wanted to make a "sun tracker" - for whatever reason :)
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I wanted to be able to make retro 8-bit sound effects with TemPoe so I used a PIC, but if you're interested in minimalist sun-trackers you should check out some of the 'BEAM' head robots - particularly the 2DoF design which are quite impressive.
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What is its function actually???
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It also beeps and flashes! What more could you want?

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when i fix my spindle drive   i loled

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Exactly, what more do anyone need?

I will post a BEAM later. Mine doesn’t even have a beep J

I find that reading is an effective tool to gather information while staring at text.


TemPoe tries to align its solar panels with the strongest incoming light to keep its cells charged. The 2 LDR photocouples on the back allow for light tracking, while a single LDR inside the case monitors ambient light levels so TemPoe can 'sleep' if there isn't enough light available. TemPoe also monitors the output voltage of the 2 photovoltaic cells, which is used to determine whether or not to go to sleep.